Technologies that are revolutionizing government sectors of Education, Agriculture, Health, Tax Collection, Transportation and War On Poverty.
Technologies that reform the national health sector by reducing the cost of medicine, providing free health access to citizens, saving billions from insurance fraud and monitoring epidemic diseases in real-time.
New Innovations in artificial intelligence technologies that are boosting 10x local and federal government revenues, saving billions from tax fraud, and preventing tax leakage.
Revolutionize the entire education sector and provide computers to teachers and students.
Innovations that revolutionize a country’s agriculture sector by empowering peasant farmers to produce more crops, find new markets and industrialize their crops to increase farmers' revenues, increase private sector investments and reduce manual labor for peasant farmers.
Innovations that enables farmers and businesses in remote areas to transport their product and goods cheaper. This will stimulate industrialization, trade, and jobs to a country with no roads in remote areas.
War On Poverty
New innovations that empower governments to fight poverty, create millions of jobs, and increase a country’s GDP.
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