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an Innovation to reform agriculture

“Help farmers get out of poverty”

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The backbone to revolutionizing the agriculture sector.

Agri+ technologies empower the government to revolutionize and
solve problems in the agriculture sector in your country.


Produce more crops


Find and generate new markets for


Industrialize the crops to increase
revenue for farmers


Increase investments from the private sector


Reduce farmers’ manual labor.


The agriculture sector

Smart technology that empowers a country to reform its agriculture sector.
The global population is expected to increase by 2.2 billion by 2050, meaning the world’s farmers will have to grow about 70% more food. Currently there are 795 million people in the world that suffer from lack of food. That is about 1 in 7 people who are hungry daily. They simply do not have the means or cannot afford the cost of food. Discover the 21st-century out-of-the-box solutions that will help your government.

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Agri+help peasant farmers produce more crops.

According to United Nations research, “The global population is expected to increase by 2.2 billion in 2025, which means the world’s farmers will have to grow about 70% more food.”

Farmers face difficulties such as climate change, crop disease, insufficient plantation grains and soil, and strenuous manual labor. These difficulties lead to fewer crops being grown.

To combat these challenges, innovations and new technologies have been created to enable governments to give farmers the ability to produce more crops, transportations to remote areas, and industrialize the agriculture industry.

To learn how the government can start reforming the agriculture sector, schedule a presentation today by clicking the button below.

Agri+Find and create new
markets for farmers in remote areas.

Learn about innovation that empowers the government to support local and village farmers. This innovation will help farmers find new markets to sell their products and increase commerce in their communities. Agri+ will bring about better transportation, job creation, industrialization, and will help fuel the economy.

To discover new innovations that empower governments to provide infrastructures that help farmers find new crop markets and create new opportunities in the agriculture sector, we welcome you for a meeting in our headquarters in Washington DC, New York, or at your office in your country.

Agri+Increase private sector
investments into the agriculture sector.

Agri+ is a government innovation that enables farmers to earn sufficient capital to pay for grain seeds, fertilizer, and irrigation projects. Agri+ will provide support for planting and crop storage without depending on a country's budget.

Agri+ will provide technological infrastructures that empower governments to lay a solid foundation to help citizens get out of poverty.

To learn how your government can start this program without depending on government finances, please click the button below and schedule a presentation with us TODAY.

Industrialization Transformation.

In many countries, the agriculture sector makes up 70% to 90% of the workforce.

Agriculture employs about half of the people in the world which means any industrial transformation should be focused on supporting and enhancing this industry. Governments should provide farmers with tools and technologies to build a successful farming operation, whether it’s a small family business or a commercial enterprise. With the right technology and innovation, commerce will increase and stimulate the economy.

To learn how your government can have the power of Agri+, schedule a meeting by clicking the button below.

Agri+ – provides the farming
industry with automation and resources. Reduce manual labor.

Most peasant farmers are very poor and cannot afford advanced tools and machinery necessary for a thriving business.

The big question is: How can the farmers afford the resources to grow their business? Is it wise for the government to buy and distribute these tools? The answer is no.

Agri+ is the solution to the farming industry. Technologies, machinery, and resources can be provided to enable farmers to thrive in their businesses.

To discover how you can use Agri+ to liberae farmers from manual labor with machinery and resources, without relying on the government’s budget, get started by clicking on the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taxa Fast+ artificial intelligence Platform?

Taxa Fast+ Artificial Intelligence Cloud Platform is a smart AI technology that has more than 200 government tools, including software, hardware, and innovations focused on improving and modernizing a country's public sectors.

This platform will generate billions of dollars from land, housing, water, rivers, roads, market, sales, VAT, hospitality, airspace, health, natural resources, human resources, capital, investment promotion, business, transport, gas, oil, immigration, agriculture, education, security, industrialization, power and energy.

The goal of this platform is to eliminate poverty, promote peace and improve people’s lives.

What is required to get started?

It's very simple to get our innovations into your country. Just book and schedule an presentation meeting.

Will you come to our country?

Yes, the presentation can be held at our headquarters in Washington, DC or in your country.

How much will it cost to bring the Taxa team to us?

We are passionate about resolving humanity crises such as extreme poverty, diseases, education and infrastructure. We believe our innovations are the foundation to achieve success in these areas.

Eliminating those global challenges is our mission. To show how much we believe in our solutions, our team will come at NO COST to you, with our artificial intelligence innovations. Neither will we pay anything to anyone organizing these very important technological presentations.

Is that fair?

Who can invite Taxa’s country development experts for a meeting?

Our innovations empower local and federal governments around the world to combat and fight poverty, diseases, strengthen education and revolutionize agriculture and much more.

Only the federal government can invite us to learn about these innovative solutions.

Many Different Sector Innovations are available?

War On Poverty: that helps governments to fight poverty, create up to one million new jobs, and increase a country’s GDP.

Agriculture: Innovation that revolutionizes a country’s agriculture and increases private-sector investments, while reducing manual labor.

Civil Society: Revolutionize the entire public sector.

Transport: Innovations that enable farmers and businesses in remote areas to transport their product and goods cheaper. This will stimulate industrialization, trade, and jobs to a country with no roads in remote areas.

Education : Revolutionize the entire education sector and provide computers to teachers and students.

Tax: New Innovations in artificial intelligence technologies that are boosting local and federal government revenues up to 10 times, saving billions from tax fraud, and preventing tax leakage.

Note: Each sector meeting takes 2 hours. Presentations are simple to understand. We will test the technology and follow up with a Question and Answer session.

Our team can handle up to 5 presentations a day. Each sector will have a designated presentation time.

More information will be available once your meeting is booked.

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