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Accessible Information, Informed Decision Making

Taxa Pulse is a data analytics tool that acts as a central repository, combining and transforming data from multiple databases within your district into usable, accessible information. Make informed decisions about student needs and achievement.

Information Delivered in Real Time

Taxa Pulse runs with consistent sub-second response times and delivers information that helps you respond to the needs of your student.

  • Visualize student data, including attendance, grades, mobility, assessment, and performance
  • Track program effectiveness for students and classrooms
  • Provide early intervention to students at risk of dropping out by catching them on the color-coded risk analysis chart
  • Analyze the impact each teacher has on student achievement
  • Calculate mobility rates for every school in your district
  • Conduct cohort group analysis and compare assessment scores over several years

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

Taxa Pulse is built to make your life easier.

  • Built to integrate with all major student information systems, representing approximately 80 percent of the students in the United States
  • Customized reports to provide your district the specific data it needs
  • User-specific access to data and reporting
  • No need to use on-site IT support to run reports or extract information

Fundamental to All Users

Taxa Pulse can support staff at every level of the district with customized roles.

  • Superintendents and district staff interactively use statistical data and analysis to manage district business and provide strategic leadership
  • Principals track achievement by student, by classroom, by teacher, and by student group with access to school information and in-depth awareness of operational needs
  • Teachers proactively review all records of students entering their class for a new year and understand the needs of every student and the classroom as a whole

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