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Centralized Recreation Management Solution

Taxa Parks & Rec centralizes program development, class registrations, facility rentals, and coordinating instructors, volunteers, and equipment with an administrative portal. Taxa Parks & Rec provides a 360-degree view of all department activities and events to help you operate more efficiently.

  • Database-driven web portalgoals
  • Improve citizen access and services
  • Reduce manual processes and data entry
  • Streamline department finances
  • Simplify communications

Centralized Program Administration

Taxa Parks & Rec features an administrative portal that centralizes all department administrative tasks and reduces manual processes for overall improved operations.

  • Integration with your Taxa financial management software reduces manual processes
  • Online class registration and payments eliminates long lines for registration
  • Access to real-time class registrations for better resource planning and wait list management
  • Save classes for future use and build a library of popular classes
  • Build contact lists of volunteers and staff to streamline communications
  • Membership features support various types, such as punch pass, annual, bi-annual, as well as check in/out capabilities with or without preprinted membership cards

Streamline and Integrate Financial Management

  • Integration with Taxa Cashiering provides flexible point-of-sale processing (optional)
  • Facility rentals and other transactions can be invoiced and automatically folded into General Billing processes
  • Integration with the Taxa Financial general ledger eliminates manual data entry and delays

Improve Public Access and Services

The customizable website provides residents with 24/7 access to program information, class registration, and payment options while eliminating the need to visit the parks and recreation office.

  • Online class registration and payment processing provides the service busy parents need
  • Website allows visitors to download various documents and forms
  • Real-time information in the portal provides up-to-the-minute class notifications and weather updates keep the community informed of changes
  • Online facilities calendar provides real-time availability and rental initiation

Reduce Manual and Clerical Processes

Taxa Parks & Rec has built-in functionality that helps staff operate more efficiently

  • SSRS reports make it easy to generate class lists, team rosters, instructor lists, and more
  • Contact lists may be imported to reduce data entry
  • Relationship mapping connects contacts and tracks activity history for extended families
  • Favorite classes or class templates may be saved and reused
  • Customer portal information reduces the need for paper-based brochures and flyers

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