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Scalable Civil Process Solution

From document receipt through service, payment process and final closeout, SoftCode adapts to the unique needs of your jurisdiction — from business processes to state reporting requirements.

  • Maintain full transparency with detailed audit and security features
  • Get accurate and accessible financial reports with true double-entry accounting
  • Trust in our 25+ years experience
  • Join more than 160 counties in 29 states who use SoftCode

SoftCode is the Market Leader in Civil Processing Software

Taxa's SoftCode product suite — CivilServe, CivilMobile, CivilView, and SalesWeb — is the market leader in civil processing software. SoftCode's flexible configuration help civil departments nationwide execute civil processing more efficiently.

Civil Processing

CivilServe enables office-based personnel to track court case papers and data, record service and payment activity, reconcile financial data, create correspondence, and produce detailed reports of all those activities.

  • Handles summons, subpoenas, garnishments, property executions, foreclosures, warrants, protection orders and more
  • Configured to meet your specific civil processing needs
  • Quickly compile service statistics, balancing, activity, financials
  • Track and manage the who, what, where and when of all transactions using barcode scanners

Complete, Integrated Solutions

SoftCode is a complete solution — CivilView, CivilMobile, and Sales Web work seamlessly together.

  • CivilMobile allows field-based personnel to easily send and receive the latest case information from a mobile device (mobile data terminal, laptop, or tablet), enhancing officer safety, and improving office productivity by updating address information and field notes for all CivilServe users in real time
  • CivilView allows attorneys to access case and service information online 24/7
  • SalesWeb publishes the latest real estate and personal property sales information to a public website for viewing

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