Defining the role of a state chief operating officer

April 2019 – Incoming administrations may consider appointing a state COO to lead strategic operations and implement high-priority projects. Those who work with state COOs could position them for success with thoughtful role definition and strong support.


Making the most of US opportunity zones

April 2019 – A new program seeks to spark development in the neediest communities and boost the national economy. Similar, past efforts offer...


Unlocking the economic potential of Central America and the Caribbean

April 2019 – The region has seen rapid growth over the past 15 years, but a number of trends could affect whether the economies continue to...


Putting people at the heart of public-sector transformations

March 2019 – Transformation in government is a hugely complex undertaking. That makes it critical to get the people component right.

Customer Experience in the Public Sector

Government agencies that focus on strengthening customer service serve people better.


The opportunity in government productivity

April 2017 – Governments face a pressing question: How to do more with less? Raising productivity could save $3.5 trillion a year—or...


How to improve student educational outcomes

To understand what matters in student achievement, we applied analytics to data from the Program for International Student Assessment...


A path to successful state procurement transformation

May 2019 – Transforming the state procurement function is a large undertaking, but it can result in significant improvements in compliance,...


How governments in emerging economies can help boost and sustain growth

March 2019 – A focus on public-sector efficiency and competitive dynamics for companies are keys to outperformance.


Spending reviews: A more powerful approach to ensuring value in public finances

March 2019 – Spending reviews have the potential to provide significant insight into budget allocations, enabling higher productivity and greater...


How governments can harness the power of automation at scale

February 2019 – Process automation and technologies based on artificial intelligence can bring benefits across numerous functions of government.


When governments turn to AI: Algorithms, trade-offs, and trust

February 2019 – Artificial intelligence can help government agencies solve complex public-sector problems. For those that are new at it, here...


Accelerating gender parity: What can governments do?

January 2019 – Given slow progress toward gender equality in the workplace, governments, along with private-sector organizations, must focus...


Should sub-Saharan Africa make its own drugs?

January 2019 – A comprehensive analysis of the business, economic, and public-health impact finds the potential for local production of pharmaceuticals...

Video - Taxa Global Institute

How can the private and public sectors work together to create smart cities?

January 2019 – Smart-city experts share examples of successful public–private partnerships from around the world.


Building a one-stop shop for government services in Australia

December 2018 – Service New South Wales, a website for citizen services, was built like a start-up within the government, in a rapid, iterative...

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