Tacra Operational Intelligence

Drill down from KPIs into a rich, operational-level view of program data from multiple sources.
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Surface Trends and Actionable Insights

Easily and quickly spot trends and see the meaningful patterns in your data so you can empower project teams to ask the right questions, take action, and reduce time spent studying decisions and results.

  • Self-service queries and visual analysis
  • X-Connect application
  • Incident alerts
  • Self-service discovery and visualizations
  • Data sharing between individuals and teams
  • Open data approval workflow
  • Self-service reporting and storytelling

Answer Questions with Drill-Down Analysis

Go beyond rows and columns to easy analysis with dashboards and visualizations.

  • Quickly understand your data with automatically-generated dashboards
  • Drill-down filters help you see trends and insights
  • Understand your data through timelines, maps, and charts all in one comprehensive dashboard

Understand Your Data in Context

Find patterns quickly by seeing data from multiple sources gathered and visualized together.

  • Bring together incident-level data on a single map for better understanding in context
  • Gain better insight into issues by viewing data across departments on one map
  • Use trends across time and location to inform programs and resources

Proactively Respond to Alerts

Rest assured that you'll know when changes occur in your data.

  • Create customized query-based alerts depending on conditions in your data
  • Be proactively notified when data meets a specified threshold so you can take action immediately

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