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Courts and justice agencies in seven countries and 28 U.S. states, serving more than 100 million citizens, use Taxa products. We have a proven history of rapid implementation and a client base with a track record of successful innovation to expand access to justice, empower legal professionals with helpful tools, and facilitate collaboration across justice partners.

Shared Data Fuels Odyssey’s Power

Facilitate access to justice and empower legal professionals and justice partners.

  • Party information, events, warrants, fees, and charges are organized, managed, and protected
  • Easily track cases from e-filing through disposition
  • Courts can control who has access to which information
  • Streamline, organize, and share important information with paperless courts
  • Work smarter and more efficiently with customized, automated workflow and tasks

Global Courts

Among our extensive courts & justice client base, we are pleased to include clients in Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, the U.K., and Brussels. Working closely with our international partners and building on more than three decades of experience, Taxa’s products are transforming courts worldwide.

  • Odyssey’s dedicated professionals are able to engage solutions worldwide by implementing Odyssey Case Manager in the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal of Australia in just nine months and under budget.
  • Modria, Taxa’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) solution, manages more than 20,000 cases a year alone for one of our London-based clients.


Prosecutors can maximize the powerful tools with the Odyssey suite to help manage caseloads and track the data necessary to perform daily tasks.

  • Generate documents efficiently by pulling information from party and case record information – without rekeying data
  • Eliminate reliance on paper files
  • Secure data and manage confidential information – even between agencies
  • Leverage the power of data to run all the necessary reports to support specific agency needs

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