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Efficiently organize, manage, and simplify the entire jury selection process
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Empower Your Tech Savvy Citizens and Jurors

Citizens expect to interact with the court as easily as they do with a bank or airline. Odyssey Jury empowers your jurisdiction to provide that same easy, convenient experience with an efficient, streamlined system that presents an image to your constituents that you can be proud of.

  • Send text message reminders to jurors to keep them informed
  • Create interactive seating charts that allow attorneys and judges to view juror information
  • Scan juror ID cards to facilitate faster processing at check-in
  • Use inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to let jurors check their status

Automated Text Message Notifications

Keep jurors informed with automated text message notifications. Jurors can opt-in to be notified by text message to receive scheduled reminders, date changes, or location changes regarding their jury service. They’ll also be notified if they are not needed for service or in the event of a cancellation.

Interactive Seating Chart

Give court staff the ability to indicate juror seats or spaces to leave blank. They can also see obstacles in the courtroom, such as poles or columns. Configurations are saved by user, and seating charts can be printed and included in the panel packet. Clicking on a seat will bring up juror number or name and any questionnaires or other documents related to that juror.

Inbound Interactive Voice Response

Jurors can proactively check the status of their service via inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR). When a juror calls, they will undergo a two-step validation test to verify their identity and get their jury status, so they know if, when, and where they need to appear.

Juror ID Card Scanning

Make checking in for jury duty quick and easy by scanning Juror ID Cards. These cards facilitate check-in and check-out through Odyssey Jury during the trial and provides proof of service after the trial is over. Streamlining this process will save time for your court and jurors.

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