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Automation of Identity, Driving License & Transaction Cards

License and Payments cards on the Go!
Transforming the plain old license and payment cards with advanced technology.

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Delivering Technological Solutions

Leave behind that hassle of carrying a bunch of cards everywhere, and install just one application! Keep track of all your licenses, different payment cards and their transactions by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. Through our platform, you can connect with the top vendors and get your hands on this latest solution.

How we Help Our Clients

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Digital ID

Keep up with the ever-evolving technology and create your digital identity now!

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Government Digital ID Platform

Leverage technologies to create, protect and provide your citizen identities online.

ID in Telecom platform

Add biometrics through your mobile phone

Digital Identities for Enterprises

Secure management of cloud identities by creating a digital identity for your business

Banking ID Platform

Revolutionize the way physical documents are verified.

IoT Identity Management

Leverage technologies to connect devices to networks and transfer data without human to human or computer to human interaction.

Digital Wallet

Revolutionize the way identity credentials are stored

KYC in Banking

The first step to reduce financial fraud is to familiarize yourself with your clients.

Biometric ID & Identity Systems

Create an environment where everyone can access a secured and accommodating digital identity.

ID & Biometric Systems

The digital plane is helpful in not only accommodating the citizens but also helping the government

Applicant Live Scan Fingerprint Systems

Enable a more secure way of exchanging records and criminal histories

On field Electronic Applicant Fingerprint Processing System

Make private in-house background checks possible that increase the traffic for retail locations.

Biometric Identification Systems

Revolutionize the biometric identification process through advanced technical means.

Forensic Examiners Systems

Technologies that provide logical systems and organize tasks for forensic examiners

Automated Biometric Identification System - ABIS

Easily and effectively address all biometric needs by choosing the latest technologies!

Facial Recognition Platforms

A video based facial recognition system, automatically recognizes faces in a crowd even in dynamic, uncontrolled environment and sends real-time alerts.

Biometric Collection Systems

Leveraging technologies to make fingerprints scanning possible, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Automated Fingerprint Identification System

Obtain store and analyze fingerprint data on your mobile!

Web based LiveScan Fingerprint Comparison System

Integrate state-of-the-art technology to make data accessible from anywhere in the world through website

Border and Travel Systems

Effective and secure border management system

Border control management systems

Best-practice immigration processes and state-of-the-art technologies at the border.

Residency and visa management Systems

Make it possible to manage all visa processing and approvals efficiently on one centralized platform.

Systems for Biometric Identification for Airport

Empower border control agencies to create a safer and stress-free traveling environment.

Driving License

Equip yourself with technologies that increase road safety.

Electronic Healthcare and smart cards systems

Equip yourself with technologies that let you manage the healthcare sector effectively

Identity Systems

Leverage your organization with technologies that help build an identity and trust.

Digital Civil Registration

Equip yourself with technologies that guarantee smoother civil registration.

Systems for Professional ID Management

Equip your organization with technologies that secure identity systems and applications.

Voting Systems

Equip yourself with technologies and build a strong voting procedure.

Citizen voter Registration Systems

Introducing IT to the traditional voting system.

Passport Systems

Put a stop to printing passports and contribute to the world by contributing to saving trees.

Virtual Passport Systems

Leverage technology to provide secure, safe, and a handy virtual passport that your consumers will love!

Electronic Passport Systems

It's time to get rid of the traditional methodologies and offer electronic passports by integrating the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Print Your Passport with Security

Powerful security tools that provide you the safest passport printing service

Entertainment, Hotels and Clubs

Enhance the vibe of your entertainment spots with personalized cards to make the consumer experience safe and fun!


Be it sim cards or prepaid cards, get them personalized for your brand!


Through our unparalleled card printing service, retain and sustain your loyal customers.

Health Care / Insurance

Be it printing or embossing, our card printing service covers it all for the health care system!


Safer and better on-premises environment for all students.


Leverage our card printing service to boost security and effectively manage workers in your corporate workplace.


Better serve the people and enable them to have their credit/debit cards printed in an efficient and time-saving manner.


Integrate state-of-the-art technologies and tools and guarantee safe national IDs printing options.

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