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Electronically file documents with the court via a secure, web-based portal
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File, Serve, and Deliver Court Documents Electronically

By investing in Odyssey File & Serve, you’re gaining core functionality that is integrated with the Odyssey product suite, in addition to optimized filing processes, decreased operational costs, and improved service to constituents.

  • Gain access to electronically filed case documents and electronic filings via one centralized location in the system
  • Use credit cards for all applicable fees for each filing submitted and accepted by the court, as well as receive documentation for client billing
  • View a master list of all parties that currently receive electronic filing service on a particular case
  • Track electronic services history and status for users

Optimize Court Filings and Document Management

File all documents through a single, secure, centralized online location. Instant online credit card transactions handle any applicable fees, with payment processing powered by Taxa.

  • Decrease file processing time and make documents immediately available
  • Handle documents electronically and minimize physical storage, security, and manual labor
  • Focus on high priority, demanding tasks
  • Decrease cost-per-transaction with automated document processing

Filing Made Easy for the Legal Community

Take processing court documents and filing from a time-consuming, tedious task to a simple, online process.

  • Decrease filing time – from an average seven minutes in person to one minute online
  • Track documents online and get proof of delivery
  • Cut out the trip to the court house and the time wasted waiting in line
  • Get 24/7/365 online access to filed documents
  • Save money in time and resources with streamlined document processing

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