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Streamline Processes and Stay Compliant

Taxa's HD software has been trusted for more than 15 years to streamline processes in your environmental health, agriculture, and hazmat/waste regulatory departments. HD brings point-and-click simplicity to everyday tasks such as issuing permits, performing inspections, running reports, and investigating complaints. Our browser-based system works for large state departments overseeing multiple counties, large multi-jurisdictions, and small counties with limited resources.

  • Ease of access
  • Real-time data
  • Offline capabilities
  • No software installation
  • CERS compliance
  • Existing data conversion
  • Emergency alerts
  • Reminders and scheduling
  • Permits
  • Solution hosting
  • Security and backups
  • Financial services
  • Productivity reports

Ease of Access, Real-Time Data, and Offline Capabilities

Use any connected device with a web browser to conduct inspections when and where they're needed. You can communicate from the field to the office about specific records to increase responsiveness and efficiency. No internet access? No problem! Access data and add inspections without Wi-Fi, then sync the data back to HD when you're back online.

No Software Installation, CERS Compliance, and Existing Data Conversion

Get updates and upgrades automatically without any need for IT staff. You can also exchange required data with the state seamlessly, and our experienced staff convert relevant data from other standard database formats to the new system as part of your setup.

Emergency Alerts, Reminders and Scheduling, and Permits

Send thousands of faxes, emails, or text messages with just a couple clicks. You can also update and maintain inspection schedules and requirements. When an inspection is due, an email is sent to the inspector and the inspection is automatically scheduled. The system can also email the supervisor about incomplete inspections. Additionally, when a permit application is received and approved, the system prints the permit and other associated paperwork. You can access all documentation from one location, 24/7.

Solution Hosting and Security and Backups

No more servers or server upgrades for your IT team. We host everything for you, which gives you the latest infrastructure quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We host HD in a top tier datacenter that utilizes the latest physical and internet security, state-of-the-art hardware, and high bandwidth access.

Financial Services and Productivity Reports

Configure billing portion to meet your department's standards. You can generate bills, accept payments, and access detailed reports and analytics. You can also download data in a format you can use to build insightful reports. Supervisors can use those reports to monitor inspectors' activity, including where they go and what they do. Include specific information your department wants to track like drive time and mileage. Output all the data into any major database format, generate custom graphs and charts, and compare and analyze data.

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