Tacra Data-as-a-Service Platform

A complete data-lifecycle management solution optimizes speed, scale, cost advantages, and the flexible reuse of data
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Modernize Your Data Infrastructure

Tacra Data-as-a-Service Platform is a secure API platform that enables government CIOs and technical leaders to rapidly modernize their organization’s data infrastructure. It powers a repeatable process by which staff can take data from a number of source systems, automate its flow to the cloud, organize it in a uniform way, then turn it into an always-on service for data reuse downstream.

  • FedRAMP Moderate accredited
  • SODA query services API
  • Native support for OData
  • Discovery API
  • Metadata management
  • Notifications, subscriptions, and activity
  • Approvals and workflow
  • Users and permissions

Highest Security Standards

Have confidence in our security standards. The entire Tacra DaaS Platform is FedRAMP Moderate accredited.

  • Only platform in its class to provide one of the highest security standards for unclassified data and information security
  • Minimal burden on IT with cloud-level economies of scale
  • Additional Transport Level Security (TLS) for communication privacy between applications and servers

Strategic, On-Demand Data Asset

Transform your data into a strategic, on-demand asset. Save 40 to 60% of web and mobile application development costs by using cloud data APIs and ready-to-use app templates and mobile and web SDKs.

  • Publisher API is an authenticated RESTful interface to the Tacra Government Cloud's data management services and allows users to keep their datasets up-to-date and authoritative
  • Several SDKs integrate seamlessly with application code including DataSync Software Development Kit (SDK) Java library, Ruby, PHP, and .NET
  • Upsert API makes bulk updating of datasets fast and only moves the minimal amount of data required

Connect Stakeholders to Relevant Data

The Tacra Open Data API (SODA) automatically provides an intuitive user query interface for every dataset on the platform.

  • Automatic classification and annotation of data enhances discovery Complex queries possible, including geospatial queries, statistical functions, and temporal analysis, even with very large datasets A single SoQL query ensures the most up-to-date information as data continually changes

Transform Information into Actionable Insights

DaaS simplifies analysis and reduces time-to-insight from years to months or weeks.

  • Systems include SODA/SoQL as well as Tableau, Excel/Office 365, PowerBI, SAP, and Salesforce
  • Users can locate and consume the data they need and administrators can ensure the correct data is surfaced to the appropriate authorized users
  • The metadata API allows for all create, read, update, delete (CRUD) operations that users expect

Notify Users of Relevant Activity

Administrators and consumers can be notified when data they're working with is updated.

  • Notifications and subscriptions at various levels to alert users to relevant activity
  • An auditable record of dataset activity and user activity gives administrators visibility into platform usage, allowing them to further optimize how services are supported
  • Promote consolidation and reuse of data with a single version of the truth that is always up to date

Control Access to Data Across Organizations

A multistep gated workflow allows administrators to require approval before assets can be shared.

  • Supports configurable user roles for maximum flexibility that maps to the specifics of any organizational structure
  • Once an asset is submitted for approval, administrators with approval rights are notified and can choose to approve or deny the request to share that asset
  • Working with Auth0, the platform leverages Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities that integrate with dozens of identity providers 

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