Attorney Manager for Prosecutors and Public Defenders

Track, organize, and manage your caseload with efficiency and share information with justice partners.
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Manage Caseloads and Track Critical Data

Designed to aid both prosecuting attorney and public defender offices by organizing and maintaining case data for hearing and trial preparation.

Using Attorney Manager, you can review, gather, and track essential information for both criminal and non-criminal case types by using case statuses, witnesses, victims, evidence, statistics, and related case information.

  • Share information with the court and jail
  • Create an electronic case file by scanning and storing documents, pictures, video, and audio files
  • Integrate document management with case management
  • Generate documents, such as subpoenas, notices, and plea agreements using Microsoft® Word, pulling information from both the party and case record into documents without the need to re-key data
  • Customize language on offense codes for streamlined charging document production

Access to the Clerk’s Register of Actions

For clients with integration to Odyssey Case Manager, you gain access to the full register of actions for a court case with just a single click within the Attorney Manager case.

Comprehensive Summary Tab

Attorney Manager provides an overview of the entire attorney case record, including events and upcoming hearings. The Summary tab has information regarding offense stages, future case activity, case file tracking, case cross reference numbers, flags, actions due, and related cases.

Protect Sensitive Information

Odyssey has a concept known as privileged party that allows you to capture information on a party — names, addresses, phone numbers, email, and employment information — and provide a layer of security around that information. The security scheme starts in the application, is further secured on the server, and is secured one more time at the database level, so only people with the appropriate privileges can view party information.

Configurable Statistics Tracking

An easy and immediate way to collect and report on important data. Simple yes or no, multi-valued selections can be configured to match grant requirements.

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